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Portable Massage Gun For Body Neck and Back Relaxation
Portable Massage Gun For Body Neck and Back Relaxation
Portable Massage Gun For Body Neck and Back Relaxation
Portable Massage Gun For Body Neck and Back Relaxation
Portable Massage Gun For Body Neck and Back Relaxation

Portable Massage Gun For Body Neck and Back Relaxation

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Mini fascia gun

Full embodiment of industrial Aesthetics 


Six core advantages

Multi gear adjustable / Intelligent Al chip

Long endurance / Deep massage

Mute noise reduction / Strong motor

Relieve muscle soreness

Improve post exercise stiffness

Professional amplitude

6mm amplitude Direct to deep muscle groups

Strong and stable output

High power output Powerful and stable

45dB Mute 

45dB whisper No noise, enjoy relaxation 
Strong motor with special customization Noise during operation It's about the volume of normal conversation 

strong power stable

Strong power impact pain Stable power more efficient

Multi gear Random adjustment

Sixth gear strength Multi gear random adjustment

It is recommended to start from the lowest gear for initial use,Non professionals do not use high-end gears!


Long lite Powerful motor for deep massage

Muscle activity

Between hardness and softness Enjoy Master Massage and beating

TYPE-C Long life charging

Type-C interface Fast and long-lasting charging life 

Multiple parts massage

Applicable to multiple parts Drive away fatigue from inside to outside

Arm massage / Abdominal massage

Leg massage / Neck massage


Four professional massage heads Take care of every muscle group

Ball massage head
Suitable for massaging arms Large muscle groups such as waist and back

U-shaped massage head
Suitable for neck massage Cervical spine, bilateral Achilles tendon, etc 

Conical massage head
Suitable for impacting deep meridians Joints, palms, soles, etc

Bump massage head
Suitable for muscles in all parts of the body Relax and shape

Small Easy to carry

Mini Compact Easy to carry and use

ThrEe colors to choose from

Multiple colors available Let you enjoy the quiet massage time

Quick relaxation

Applicable to multiple scenarios

small office, home office / Exercise relaxation

Sedentary office / Parents and elders

Product parameters

Name: Mini fascia gun

Texture of material: ABS

Color: Multicolor options

Gear: 6th gear adjustment

Weight: ≈398g

Size: As shown in the figure

Charging mode: Type-C interface

Massage depth: 6mm

Operating environment: -10-40℃

Note: all dimensions are measured manually, Slight error, please understand.

matters needing attention

1.Do not touch or press the massage head during operation;

2.Do not impact joints:
Fascia relaxant gun is generally only applicable to muscle and soft tissue,If a direct blow strikes the joint It is easy to cause joint damage.

3.Not all parts are suitable for use:
The muscles like neck, chest, abdomen and armpit are thin, And near the organs and aorta, The use of fascia guns is not recommended at all.

4.Not the longer the time, the more effective:
The body sensation should be kept at 6 ~ 8 points,The use time of the same part shall be within 1 minute as far as possible.

5.Infants, minors, pregnant women Wearing pacemaker, fracture Do not use if there are metal contents in the body.

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